Synergetic Language Matrix vs TEFL

Since most kids cannot learn English without translation and without learning grammar directly, as it is recommended by the TEFL system, we started looking for another, more effective approach to learning and teaching English. To help our kids to learn English successfully we have created a new, unique, very effective and beautiful method of learning English, which is now increasingly conquering the minds of English learners.

What is the Synergetic Language Matrix?

Before to proceed to SLM, let me to define some important terminology. At first let’s find out what synergy is. Synergy is the combining of two or more elements together to get a better result. What is a language matrix? A language matrix is the set of sounds, words and grammar rules that define how to connect sounds and words together to get a correct sentence. If we add visual images and meanings to a language matrix, we will get a synergetic language matrix. Actually, a synergetic language matrix is a natural way of learning a language. A child sees an object, hears a word, his brain connects a word with an object image and creates a lexical meaning of an object. In such a way, a child’s brain creates a synergetic language matrix.

synergetic language matrix

As we have mentioned above, it is impossible to master English at a high level without direct and conscious learning of English grammar. If students do not understand anything that a foreign teacher says, then how then will they derive grammar inductively from what they do not understand? Therefore, we began to look for a method to overcome the obstacles put by the TEFL system. English-speaking people themselves learn foreign languages with translation and with learning grammar directly, but they recommend foreigners to learn English without translation and without learning grammar. Such an approach inevitably creates very big obstacles for those who start learning English.

Reasoning in such a way, we came up with the idea of using the synergy of rainbow colors and language grammatical elements.  In the SLM, each part of speech has its own color. Combinations of grammar elements and rainbow colors enables us to show the sentence structure and the various grammar constructions in understandable and beautiful way.

synergetic language matrixThen we added pictures, and these sentences and grammar constructions became clearly visible and understandable without translation. Thus, we removed the obstacles put by the TEFL system on the way of learning English. Colors and pictures  enables our students to think by themselves, build correct sentences and speak by themselves, developing creative thinking and getting automatic speaking skills.

Another problem is that learning something by learning is very inefficient and very often impossible. Learning by doing is much easier and faster way of learning. In the Beautiful English learning system, students don’t need to learn anything. Doing specially designed exercises that are developed according to the latest discoveries of a brain science, students grasp language algorithms and remember everything automatically. The fact is that just a text, even accompanied with voice, is perceived by our brain not very well.  Humans perceive the world through visual images, they think and speak by combining images with a lexical meaning. That is why the synergy of rainbow colors, pictures and grammar elements are so useful and effective.

How Does the Synergetic Language Matrix Work?

If we show a grammatically difficult sentence to students, then those who are not particularly familiar with English will hardly even understand it:

He had already gone when a telephone rang.

They can stupidly repeat it after a teacher, they can translate it into English (which is strictly prohibited) and again repeat it stupidly, but the effect will be almost the same. Now let’s add colors.

synergetic language matrix

It looks better, isn’t it? However, even in such a beautiful form, not everything is clear because there are words, there are colors, but there aren’t visual images yet. Let’s add pictures.

synergetic language matrix

It looks much better! Everybody can understand that there is a boy (He),  and he had already gone when a telephone rang. Now, let’s remove the words, show this picture to the students and ask them to reproduce the sentence, replacing colors with the words:

synergetic language matrix

Then let’s remove the pictures and again ask them to reproduce the sentence:

synergetic language matrix

Now let’s remove the colors and again ask the students to reproduce the sentence:

synergetic language matrix

Now students make a sentence from their memory even without pictures and colors. In such a way, by means of SLM innovative learning approach, students get automatic speaking skills and learn English by doing. Instead of stupidly repeating after a teacher, students learn to think in English by themselves, make correct English sentences by themselves and speak by themselves, developing automatic speaking skills in such a way. Beautiful English speaking exercises improve memory and brain learning abilities.

Our students can learn speaking English even without a teacher. The Beautiful English learning system, built on the base of the SLM, is designed in such a way that students can master English from zero to the highest levels by themselves even without a teacher. It becomes possible by means of the unique, high-quality and beautiful educational materials of new generation, designed according to the latest discoveries in the field of psychology and a brain science. Watch the video and see how easy it is for teachers to teach speaking English with Beautiful English speaking simulators. Watch the video and see how easy it is for teachers to teach speaking English with Beautiful English speaking simulators.