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Our Story

Why I have created the Beautiful English learning system

When I started teaching English in Thailand, I noticed that my students didn’t understand anything. It was not allowed to speak Thai and translate into Thai at school. I also noticed that my students had many English subjects but they didn’t have an English language subject. To help students to learn English, I started making my own lessons in which I used rainbow colors and pictures to show grammar and a sentence structure. My students were very excited to work with colors and pictures and they made very good progress in learning English. Then I worked out the Synergetic Language Matrix (SLM) that became the base for creating the Beautiful English learning system. Actually, the Beautiful English learning system is a speaking practice simulator designed to help students to get automatic speaking skills and become literate and confident in English.

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Our Values

New Learning Technologies - Best Results

Working out my lessons I always try to make them interesting, understandable, beautiful and highly effective. My main goal is to give students learning materials of the highest quality and of the highest level so that they could practice making correct sentences in order to get the best and the most beautiful speaking practice. In order to be successful in modern life our kids should be prepared to carry out difficult tasks that demand special knowledge, and knowledge of English too. That is why it is so important for me to give my students the best and the most beautiful learning materials that can help them to be prepared to all demands of the modern life.

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Our Approach

Beautiful English offers a new and unique approach to learning English

Traditional approach to teaching and learning English doesn’t involve an active students’ work at English lessons. A teacher speaks – students repeat after a teacher. They also do exercises from books, look for correct answers and circle or tick them. The problem is that students don’t make sentences and don’t speak by themselves. Since they don’t make sentences by themselves and don’t speak by themselves, they cannot make sentences and cannot speak. Beautiful English offers specially designed exercises that make students to compose sentences by themselves and pronounce them by themselves. Since students make sentences by themselves and pronounce them by themselves, they learn making sentences and learn speaking English.

Our Service Categories

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.


Automatic speaking skills for building correct English sentences and speak beautifully, fluently and correctly.


The most important thing we expect that you will be able to learn anything just by yourself.


Get knowledge about all aspects of English language, fill the gaps you have after learning English at school, learn everything about grammar tenses and about how to make correct English sentences.


Prompt conversation and collaboration within your community of learners and instructors with bbPress forums system integrated in this course.


This course for learners in almost every country and currency. Easy Checkout via some popular gateways like PayPal, Stripe and BACS.


All the Beautiful English Courses are organized so that you get easy access to each course and each lesson. Each course has preview lessons that you can learn before to decide to buy a course.

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Я неплохо знаю английский. Но, как я поняла благодаря Beautiful English, знать и уметь - это не одно и тоже. У меня были большие трудности с пониманием разговорной речи и с разговорным английским. Beautiful English помог мне начать понимать живую речь и говорить по-английски бегло и правильно. Спасибо огромное учителю Владу! Анна Рогова (Россия), Студентка
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Нiколи не думала, що англiйська мова може бути така цiкава та зрозумiла. Я почала думати и говорити по-англiйскi дуже швидко. Це тому, що не треба перекладати з англiйскоï мови на рiдну. Ви дивитесь на лiнгвокарти або на кольоровi схеми i вiдразу будуэте правильне речення на англiйскiй мовi. Дякую вчителя Влада за таку красиву i цiкаву програму! Олена Пащенко (Украïна), Студентка
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Большое спасибо учителю Владу за то, что он создал такую замечательную учебную программу. С Beautiful English многие вещи становятся понятны и ясно видимы. Я думаю, что нет в мире другой такой учебной системы, где разговорные навыки нарабатываются так быстро, легко и, главное, автоматически. Артем Пашков (Россия), Бизнессмeн