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"Other teachers will teach you English. I will teach you speaking English. And I will teach you how to do it easily, beautifully and effectively!"
teacher Vlad

Synergetic Language Matrix (SLM)

All our lessons and courses are built on the base of the Synergetic Language Matrix (SLM). We use rainbow colors and pictures to show the sentence structure and the meaning of a sentence so that you can learn easily and understand without translation. 

Grammar Lingvo Card and Color Schemes

We show a sentence structure in easily understandable and beautiful lingvo cards and color schemes so that you can understand easily, learn how to make correct English sentences and practice speaking. 

Talking Lingvo card (TL)

The Talking Lingvocard (TL) is the most powerful speaking training tool. It will help you to make correct sentences, to ask questions and to answer positively or negatively. It will make you think by yourself, make sentences by yourself and speak by yourself getting automatic speaking skills in such a way.  

About us

Beautiful English is a new, unique and very effective English Speaking Training System. It is designed to help all the English learners to start speaking English fluently and correctly. 

Our mission

While all the other teachers teach English, we teach speaking English. We want to make you think by yourself, make sentences by yourself and speak by yourself.  

Our offer

  • The whole course of English grammar
  • Beautiful and very effective speaking training tools
  • Good quality and high level speaking practice