Before to start learning English you must know about some important things:


1. Your result will be equal to efforts you put into gaining that result. A good result needs big efforts. A very good result needs enormous efforts.


2. If a technic you use is wrong, you will not gain a good result even if you put enormous efforts. Almost all learning technics and methods are wrong. That is why you still haven't get a good result in English speaking.


3. Don't waste your time and money for nothing. Try to find a good learning technic or method that works only for you and follow it. You can use Beautiful English to learn English and get a good result. Beautiful English is a new and unique method built on the Synergetic Language Matrix. It is an easy and very effective step by step learning system that shows English in rainbow colours and beautiful and understandable lingvocards. It is very important to learn English step by step. Because if you miss one or another step, you will not be able to use English correctly. For example, if you learn cooking and will not learn that you should put salt or sugar, your food will not be tasty. Many English learners start to learn English from grammar tenses because they want to learn English quickly. Many of them can speak, but while speaking they make more mistakes than there are words in a sentence. To speak correctly all the learners should learn everything about using the auxiliary verb to be. That is why my learning system begins with simple and understandable lessons that explain basic principles of English language and of making correct sentences. To learn English successfully you should also know something about parts of speech and about parts of a sentence. I recommend you to watch video and learn about it. It will help you to understand English grammar and use Beautiful English successfully. 


4. If you feel that this learning system is not for you, you can find another one. However you should know and remember that Beautiful English is the only learning system in which you can learn English without translating from your native language. Rainbow colours and colour schemes activate learning abilities of your brain enormously which enables it to grasp sentence building algorithms automatically and very easily.       


5. To speak English you must have a practical skill in English speakingAnd to have a practical skill in speaking you should have enough speaking practice. None of existing online learning system doesn't have enough listening and speaking practice to develop your listening and speaking skills. Beautiful English Learning System offers you enough English speaking practice so that you can learn to speak English fluently and correctly. It is built on the new and very effective method which is called the Synergetic Language Matrix. It uses beautiful and unique audiovisual learning tools to help you to learn English easily, interestingly and beautifully.


Before to start  your speaking English exercises you should learn about the Synergetic Language Matrix and about other audiovisual tools we use in the Beautiful English learning system.


In the Beautiful English learning system, each part of speech has its own colour. Please, look at the picture and you will see what color belongs to one or another part of speech. Try to remember the colours for each part of speech. It seems not easy, but after some practice you will remember them easily. 

English speaking. SLM

In the Beautiful English learning system, each part of speech has its own colour. In the table below you will see colours and parts of speech translated into some widespread languages. Working with color schemes activates hidden abilities of the brain and help to remember words and a sentence structure. 

English speaking

While doing exercises you will use the simplified form of the matrix. 

matr small eng 40

Print the Synergetic Language Matrix and keep it at hand all the time you work with Beautiful English. Or copy it and paste in a file that you can find easily. After learning some lessons you will remember what colour belongs to one or another part of speech and you will not need to have SLM at hand.

Watch video and do exercises to remember parts of speech and their colours 



Congratulations - you have completed SLM QUIZ. You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%%
Your answers are highlighted below.
Shaded items are complete.


Another audiovisual tool that we use in our English speaking practice is a Grammar Lingvocard. It shows a sentence structure in simple and understandable schemes. You look at the lingvocard, follow arrows and make correct sentences. At that your brain automatically grasps sentence making algorithms. You also should listen and repeat until you can do it easily and correctly.  You will see an audio player button under or above the lingvocard. Click on it, listen and repeat.  

The lingvocard underneath is without words. You should look at it and write sentences on the right. This is also a very good exercise to make and remember sentences and exercise your writing skills.


When you learn English in traditional form, usually you see a text. Something like this:

[spacer height="5px"]

I am a boy. She is a girl. It is a car.

Not interesting, not beautiful and not too easy to learn and to remember. English speaking practice with Beautiful English learning system looks like this:

Speaking English practice with Beautiful English

Interesting, beautiful and easy to learn. You can click on the audio player button under the picture and you will hear the correct pronunciation of each sentence. Then you will see a picture without a text. And you will try to say words instead of colours. Then you click the audio player button and check if you make a sentence correctly and pronounce it correctly. Very good speaking practice and a very good exercise for your brain which starts working very actively while doing exercises like that. 

matr small eng 40

English speaking


Talking Lingvocard is the most useful and the most effective tool because it enables a student to repeat sentences for each personal pronoun many times that helps a lot to remember them and pronounce fluently and correctly. There is a colour scheme on the top that shows an example of a sentence structure. On the left, you see pictures that show different situations for different groups of personal pronouns. And the Talking Lingvocard itself is on the right. It is a very good exercise to develop your memory and ability to make correct sentences easily and quickly:


I am at home. She is in a shop. It is in a house. We are at the office.


As situations are different for different personal pronouns you always should keep it in your mind. It helps to get automatic speaking skills and activate your brain learning ability. All these exercises represent totally different and higher level than those with traditional learning tools. You yourself make correct sentences instead of translating from your native language or repeating after a teacher. In such a way you learn thinking in English from the very beginning because you work only with rainbow colours and English words. 

Very good exercise for your brain and very good practice to start speaking English.

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If you can read, write and pronounce English correctly, click on the picture, go to the lessons page and start the English speaking practice. Speaking Practice is a language training program specially designed to help you to understand English and start speaking easily and quickly. 


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