Start Speaking English Confidently! (Basic English Course)

Unlock Your English Fluency with the “Start Speaking English Confidently” Basic English Course! Are you an English learner eager to unleash your inner linguist and converse fluently and confidently? Look no further! Our Basic English Course is tailor-made for beginners who are ready to take their English skills to the next level.

Course Highlights:

  • Master essential English language principles with ease.
  • Elevate your speaking skills to a proficient level.
  • Engage in dynamic speaking practice using our cutting-edge training tools and speaking simulators.
  • Reinforce your learning through interactive quizzes and specially designed speaking exercises.
  • No need for rote memorization; you’ll absorb knowledge naturally through hands-on activities.

Course Topics:

  • Possessive pronouns (my, our, your, his, her, its, their)
  • Possessives (Tom’s wife, cat’s tail)
  • Demonstrative pronouns (this, that, these, those)
  • Wh… questions (what? who? where? when? why?)
  • Grammar construction ‘there is (are)’
  • Comparative and superlative adjectives (big, bigger, the biggest)
  • Questions with the auxiliary verb ‘to do’ (Do you like ice cream?)
  • Speaking test and speaking exercises.
  • Quizzes

Course Main Features:

  • 100% Speaking Practice: Dive into real conversations right from the start.
  • Innovative Speaking Training Technology: Experience a revolutionary approach to language learning.
  • Comprehensive Language Skill Development: Enhance your listening, speaking, and comprehension.
  • Vibrant Color Schemes and Talking Lingvocards: A visually appealing and effective learning experience.
  • Boost Memory Retention: Our exercises are designed to make learning stick.
  • Specially Crafted Speaking Exercises: Tailored for rapid progress.
  • Engaging Quizzes: Test your knowledge and gauge your growth.
  • Unique Speaking Training Tools: Get ready for a language revolution.

“How to Start Speaking English Confidently Basic English Course” is the ultimate speaking training course, specifically designed for those eager to speak English fluently, correctly, and with unwavering confidence. Join us today and embark on your language journey with success. You are warmly welcome to start your English-speaking adventure! Good luck!

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Enrolled: 49 students
Lectures: 38
Video: 6 hours 53 minutes
Level: Beginner