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Reading-Speaking English Course for Beginners

Ready to star your journey to mastering English? Look no further! Our Reading and Writing English Course is designed for learners who are eager to get reading and writing fluency.  You won’t just memorize words and sentences; you’ll effortlessly absorb them as you practice doing reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises. We’ve harnessed the latest insights from a brain science, so there’s no need to cram. Just do all the exercises diligently, and your brain will remember everything automatically. This reading and speaking exercises course section contains only video lessons. If you use a computer for learning and want to do interactive speaking exercises, download Power Point files from the Downloadables Section.  

 Course Topics:

  • Reading Writing English Course Introduction.
  • How to Practice Reading and Writing English with this Course?
  • English Sounds and Transcription Signs.
  • English Alphabet.
  • Reading Exercises for Each Letter of Alphabet.
  • Vocabulary for Each Letter of Alphabet.
  • Speaking Exercises with Words and Sentences 

Course Main Features:

  • 100% Reading and Speaking Practice
  • The Course Utilizes Cutting-Edge Learning  Technology
  • Enhances Memory Retention
  • Tailored Reading Exercises
  • Unique and Very Effective Reading Training Tools

Just immerse yourself in our engaging reading and speaking exercises, and watch your English proficiency level soars!

Reading English Words and Sentences

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Enrolled: 123 students
Duration: 8 months
Lectures: 28
Video: 15 hours
Level: Beginner