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English Grammar Tenses. Writing Practice

Ready to take your English language skills to the next level? Look no further! Our Grammar Tenses Writing Practice Course is designed for learners who are eager to get deeper understanding of English grammar and develop writing fluency and accuracy in all grammar tenses.  You won’t just memorize grammar rules; you’ll effortlessly absorb them as you practice doing writing exercises. We’ve harnessed the latest insights from brain science, so there’s no need to cram. You can download a PDF file and do writing exercises wherever and whenever you wish.

 Course Topics:

  • Present Simple Tense.
  • Object case of personal pronouns.
  • Past Simple Tense.
  • Future Simple Tense.
  • Present Continuous Tense.
  • Grammar Construction “to be going to”.
  • Past Continuous Tense.
  • Future Continuous Tense.
  • Present Perfect Tense.
  • Past Perfect Tense.
  • Future Perfect Tense.
  • Present Perfect Continuous Tense.
  • Past Perfect Continuous Tense.
  • Future Continuous Tense.
  • Future in the Past Tense.

Course Main Features:

  • 100% Writing Practice
  • Utilizes Cutting-Edge Writing Training Technology
  • Develops Reading and Writing Skills
  • Enhances Memory Retention
  • Tailored Writing Exercise
  • Unique and Very Effective Writing Training Tools
  • Practice Writing all Types of Sentences in All the Grammar Tenses

Just immerse yourself in our engaging writing exercises, and watch your English proficiency level soar!

Downloadable PDF Files

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