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English Grammar Tenses. Color Schemes Speaking Practice

This course will help you to make correct sentences with different questions words and to speak fluently and correctly in all grammar tenses.
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Ready to take your English speaking skills to the next level? Look no further! Our Grammar Tenses  Color Schemes Speaking Training Course is designed for learners who are eager to get automatic speaking skills and develop fluency and accuracy of speech in all grammar tenses. Speaking exercises with color schemes will also help you learn how to make questions with different question words and answer them correctly. We’ve harnessed the latest insights from brain science, so there’s no need to cram. You can download an interactive pp show file and do speaking exercises at your own pace and  wherever and whenever you wish.

 Course Topics:

  • Present Simple Tense.
  • Object case of personal pronouns.
  • Past Simple Tense.
  • Future Simple Tense.
  • Present Continuous Tense.
  • Grammar Construction “to be going to”.
  • Past Continuous Tense.
  • Future Continuous Tense.
  • Present Perfect Tense.
  • Past Perfect Tense.
  • Future Perfect Tense.
  • Present Perfect Continuous Tense.
  • Past Perfect Continuous Tense.
  • Future Continuous Tense.
  • Future in the Past Tense.

Course Main Features:

  • 100% Speaking Practice
  • Utilizes Cutting-Edge Speaking Training Technology
  • Develops Automatic Speaking Skills
  • Enhances Memory Retention
  • Tailored Speaking Exercise
  • Unique and Very Effective Speaking Training Tools
  • Practice Making all Types of Sentences with Different Question Words and in All the Grammar Tenses

Just immerse yourself in our engaging speaking exercises, and watch your English fluency soar!

Grammar Tenses Color Schemes Speaking Practice
What are color chemes?
Color schemes are beautiful and very effective speaking training tools. Colors will help you to see a sentence structure, pictures will help you to understand the meaning. No need for translation or cramming. You just do speaking exercises and your brain remember everything automatically.
Why I should practice speaking with color schemes?
Most intermediate level students who speak English fluently have difficulties with making correct interrogative and negative sentences. The also have difficulties with making sentences with different question words. Color schemes are designed so that to help you to make correct sentences with different question words and develop fluency and accuracy of speech.
How to practice speaking with color schemes?
The practice with color schemes consists of 2 speaking exercises. At first, you look, listen and repeat. Then, you look at color schemes without words, think, make sentences and pronounce it in a pause. After that, you will hear a voice over and check if your sentence is correct. You should do speaking exercises until you be able to make and pronounce sentences for all the color schemes easily, quickly and correctly. Don't try to learn or to remember words and sentences. Just repeat doing speaking exercises. It is the same as in sport. To learn doing one or another movement, you repeat doing it many times. After repeating 20 - 30 times, you will get a stable physical skill of doing that movement. The same with learning a language. Remember: you don't learn English. Your train your brain and your body speaking English. Training always takes time and efforts.
How power point show file is different from video file?
While practicing speaking with a video file, you just watch a video. You cannot control the pace and learning process. Power point show file utilizes interactive functions. While doing the first speaking exercise, you can change pictures with the speed that is convenient to you. You can click faster or slower change the pace of learning in such a way. While doing the second speaking exercise, you can choose any picture and make a sentence for it. Then, you will click on the picture and listen to a voice over. Since you can choose any picture in gives you more flexibility and allow you to chose pictures randomly that will improve the progress you make.
Course details
Duration 3 months
Lectures 15
Video 1 hour 45 minutes
Level Intermediate