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Basic English Words and Phrases for Speaking English Fluently and Correctly (Level Zero)

With no prior experience, you will have the opportunity to start speaking English from scratch with this Basic English Words ... Show more
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The primary goal of this quick free course is to introduce you to the basics of English language so that you can start speaking English from scratch. This quick start course will give you imagination about what is SLM and how to practice speaking English with our unique and very effective speaking tools.  

Main Features

  • Easy to understand and easy to use.
  • New speaking training technologies.
  • 100% speaking practice.
  • Easy speaking exercises with Color Schemes.
  • Quizzes and speaking Exercises.
  • Everything you need to start speaking English.

What is the target audience?

  • Basic English Words and Phrases Level Zero course is for complete beginners.
  • Iven if you learn English for some time and are not confident in speaking English, you can take this course and start speaking English.

Learning a new language as a complete beginner is very intimidating. There are a lot of tutorials and English learning programs. Basic English Words and Phrases courses are different because they don’t teach English. They teach speaking English. Moreover, they make learners to think by themselves, to make sentences by themselves and to speak by themselves getting automatic speaking skills in such a way.

How long will it take to complete this course?
It depends on time and efforts you will put into learning. If you work hard and diligently, you will complete it within one or two weeks. Anyway, it is always better to spend more time and efforts to learn all the learning material and do all the speaking exercises than try to complete the course as soon as possible.
What will I get in Elementary and Basic English courses?
In my Elementary and Basic English courses, you will get familiar with the basic principles of English language, you will practice making yes-no and wh... questions and answer them positively and negatively. You will practice making sentences with all parts of speech and will practice speaking with my unique and very effective speaking training tools.

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