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Start Speaking English Confidently (Basic English). Lesson 1. Possessive Pronouns (my, our, your, his, her, their)

Lesson 1. Possessive Pronouns. Overview

Supplementary Downloadable Learning Materials

By clicking Power Point Show and PDF file icons you will be redirected to a cloud hosting.  To download supplementary learning materials, click the download button. A PPS file contains all the lesson learning material in one file, and it also has interactive functions. All the buttons are clickable. They will help you to navigate easily between lesson sections. Interactive functions will help you to adjust your own learning pace and practice speaking more successfully than you would do it practicing speaking with a video file. Interactive functions work only on a computer. In a PDF file, you will find writing exercises. Doing writing exercises is very important if you want to master English on a high level. They will help you to review the lesson learning material, get additional language skills and get deeper understanding of English grammar. Good luck!