Who we are

Our website address is: https://beautiful-english.org.

We are online education company which is called Beautiful English. We offer online courses for beginners who want to start learning English from zero and go up to any level.

When you start learning English with Beautiful English you should understand:

1. Beautiful English is a Self-learning Platform.

Starting learning English with Beautiful English you should accept the fact that the success of your studying with us depends only on you. If you are diligent enough and do all the exercises properly, we can guarantee a very good progress. If you don’t do all the exercises properly, you will hardly can expect good result.

2. Free and Payed Courses.

Beautiful English consists of both free an paid courses. You can learn free courses after registering in our web site system for free. However, if you want to learn English on higher levels, you should buy our courses.

3. Refund Policy

You can claim to rufund your cost you payed for a course or courses if:

a) the course you purchased wasn’t delivered in appropriate condition (missing text, missing pictures missing videos);

b) you cannot login to the course even after contacting our support team;

c) if you learned the whole course, watched all the videos and did all the exercises, but feel and sure that our course or courses couldn’t help you to improve your English at all.

Your expenses will be refunded in the term 21 days after you refund application dateWho we share your data with