Easy English – Myth or Reality?

Learn English While Sleeping

Easy English – Myth or Reality?

Easy English learning methods are becoming very popular nowadays. More and more new and “magic” methods of teaching and learning English are being invented. Easy English learning methods become a widespread modern trend that captures the minds of many English learners. Why are then Easy English learning methods so popular? Because they offer learning English easily and quickly. Not many learners are ready to spend at least one hour a day and put a great effort into learning English. That is why they try to find learning programs that offer easy and quick way to study English. If you serf Internet, you will find many programs like that. Some of them offer learning English by means of 25th frame technologies, other offer to learn English while sleeping. There are also programs that offer easy and very quick way of learning words. Something like:

“8,000 words: quickly and forever”

words - Easy English - Myth or Reality?

Many people believe that if they learn so many words, they will start speaking English fluently and correctly.

The truth is that even if they learn a million words, they will not be able to speak English. Because in order to speak English one should know how to put words together to make a correct sentence. One cannot do it without learning English grammar.

It is the same as with building a house. One can believe that if one has all the necessary building materials, one can build a house easily and quickly. It isn’t true. Because to build a house one should know how to build it. And one should also have a certain amount of practice in order to be able to build a house. It takes time and also a certain effort.

However, those who learn English by means of Easy English methods believe that they don’t need to learn English grammar directly.  In order to start speaking fluently and correctly, one should also have a certain amount of speaking practice. However, many learners believe that they don’t need a certain amount of speaking practice to start speaking English. They believe that they can learn English easily, quickly and without any significant effort, as it is offered in Easy English learning programs. Let’s have a look at some of these programs.

Easy English – 25th Frame

25 - Easy English - Myth or Reality?

Here is the example of such an Easy English learning program. It is very popular in Russia, and many people use it to learn English. Look at what it offers: “25th frame will not distract you from work: do whatever you want – play games, serf Internet, work with documents.” It seems that the program is so magical and effective that you even don’t need to switch on a computer. Just buy the course. “Learn” like that 30 days, and in a month you will master English and will speak fluently and correctly. Can anybody believe that it is possible? Yes, many people believe, buy the program and try to learn English in that way. After a while, all of them understand that they became the victims of an advertising trick that made them believe in that blatant lie. Doctors also say that learning English with such programs can be harmful for learners’ brains. Learning English while sleeping is also impossible.

Easy English: How Does Our Brain Work?

Those who believe it is possible just deceive themselves and try to deceive the nature. Of course, they can deceive themselves. But they cannot deceive the nature. It is impossible because the last research works in the field of neurophysiology show that a short term memory works through chemical reactions in a brain while a long term memory works through physical changes of a brain structure. Chemical changes come and go very easily and very quickly. That is why a short term memory cannot keep information for a long time. To keep information for a long time, a brain changes its physical structure. It can be possible if one keeps doing or repeating doing something for a long time.

Scientists who study memory have defined that in order to remember something one should repeat doing this something at least 100 times!

If you don’t believe me, look the following video fragment in which Lara Boyd, an English neurophysiologist, tells how our brain works:

She clearly shows that to keep anything in a long term memory needs time and effort. Because our brain is a very inert structure. It cannot change its structure very quickly.

Follow this link to watch the full video: https://youtu.be/LNHBMFCzznE

Eric Kandel has also shown that intensive and long training results in new proteins synthesis and new synapses growth that forms our long term memory. Without intensive and long term training new synapses don’t grow. Thus, this fact clearly shows that the easy-magic learning programs cannot work and cannot bring good results.

memory - Easy English - Myth or Reality?

Eric Kandel, a Nobel prize-winner neuroscientist, who got it for his research into memory processes in 2000, has also  formed his famous 10,000 hours rule that everybody needs to get a good professional skill.

This 10,000 hours rule that are necessary to get a good professional skill was created after studying of success stories of some famous people such as Beatles musicians, Bill Gates and many others. Gates met the 10,000-Hour Rule when he gained access to a high school computer in 1968 at the age of 13, and spent 10,000 hours programming on it. This number of hours can be different in each individual case because people have different abilities. However, this 10,000 rule shows the main tendency that everybody should understand: getting a good skill takes much time and a great effort.  

I hope my dear readers and students understand why all those Easy English learning methods don’t work. One cannot get language skills easily and quickly due to certain physical limitations of our brain and of our body. The same is about learning words. Some programs claim that you will be able to learn 20 words a minute. Others say that you will be able to learn 200 words a day. It is impossible. Our brain can keep only 7 – 8 bits of information at a time. You can learn 7 – 8 words. Then you will have to wait little bit. Then repeat learning, wait and repeat again. Perhaps it will take 20 or 30 minutes. Then you can learn 7 – 8 more words. It means that even if you are a very smart learner, you can learn 7 – 8 words within half an hour. If you keep learning, you can learn about 15 words within 1 hour. To learn 150 words, you will spend 10 hours or even more. Even if you learn these 150 words today, you will forget them tomorrow because to remember them for a long time you need to practice using them in sentences and in texts. That is why it is better to learn words in a context, that is, in sentences or in texts.

How to Distinguish a Fake Learning Program From a Real One?

How one can know that one or another program is just advertising trick to make a learner to buy it. It is very easy. Many programs refer to a person, a polyglot perhaps, who learned many languages thanks to this very program or invented this “magic” program. Then they tell about its effectiveness because it makes brain to work very effectively resulting in very quick learning English. One should always be very careful if they say that one can master English and go from zero to basic or even intermediate level within 14 days or within a month.

If one has at least something in one’s brain, one should know and remember that to go up from zero to basic or intermediate level within weeks or even months is impossible because our brain cannot work like that due to natural physical limitations.

If to assume that basic English includes about 3,000 words, then one must learn about 100 words a day in order to learn those words within a month. Only a few very talented people can do that. Then, one has to learn grammar and many other things to be fluent in English. One has to get a certain amount of speaking practice too, which is impossible to do within a month. 5 – 10 words a day is maximum that any average learner can learn. That is why learning programs like “5 Words a Day” or “40 Words a Month”  have sense and can be useful because they put reasonable tasks and give learning material that can be learnt.

Buying Easy English learning programs, you buy a cat in a sack. Because usually all those advertising web sites don’t contain any demo materials. They explain a lot about how a program is effective, how fast you will learn, how effectively your brain will work, but they don’t show anything. And it is a clear sign that they want to deceive you to get your money.

Remember, all the real and effective learning programs always have web sites, demo materials and demo lessons.

I suspect that after learning about Easy English programs and after looking at my introduction videos you can say: “Teacher Vlad, you also say that with Beautiful English one doesn’t need to learn anything. Perhaps your learning program is also just an advertising trick to get our money.”

You are right.

I always say that you don’t need to learn anything because you learn by doing.

You can also learn easily just because my lessons are understandable without translation. However,  I always say that very often I give my students difficult tasks, that learning English with Beautiful English isn’t easy sometimes. And it is one of the reasons why it is so effective. Can you become a good sportsman doing easy exercises? Everybody knows that it is impossible. Why then many people believe that they can learn English doing only easy exercises without putting an effort into learning English?

I also say that learning English with Beautiful English will not be quick. No one can learn about 100 lessons within a month or even a year. Perhaps you will spend 2 or even 3 years learning all those lessons. But after finishing them you will be confident in English and will be able to speak fluently and correctly. As I have already shown in my videos and in other articles,


It means that the less time and the less effort you put into learning the smaller will be the result. An average effort usually doesn’t bring even a good result. A great effort can bring a good result. But only a super great effort can bring a great result.

If you learn English with our online English grammar tutorial, then doing just good effort you  can get a great result because learning by doing is more effective than learning by learning. And our Spoken English Classes in Thailand have already shown the effectiveness of our teaching methods. To understand what learning by doing is, I will give you an example. Imagine you want to learn riding a bike. You buy a learning program. It says that it is the best learning program. Everything you need is to listen about how to ride a bike and to look how other people ride it. You can learn like that a week, a month, a year, tens of years, but you will not be able to ride a bike.

Because to learn riding a bike you should take a bike and ride it. You don’t need to learn about a bicycle and you don’t need to watch other people riding a bike.

You should take a bike and ride it. It is learning by doing. Learning riding a bike in such a way you will be able to ride it within several days. Now you can compare: learning by learning for decades without any result and learning by doing with a very fast result. As for English, the main method of its learning is repeating after a teacher. A teacher speaks, students repeat. Learning like that they will learn repeating sentences. Because in order to learn speaking they should learn how to make correct sentences at first. Then, they should practice making and pronouncing those sentences by themselves. The existing teaching methods don’t teach to do that. They teach only to repeat after a teacher and to copy from board.

Spoken English Classes in Thailand

At our Spoken English Classes in Thailand we teach students to think by themselves, to make correct English sentences by themselves and to speak by themselves. They do all those things also by themselves because they learn by doing. They don’t need to learn anything because doing specially designed exercises they grasp language algorithms and remember everything automatically. Very often, it is not easy, but it brings very good results. Moreover, working with our Online English Grammar Tutorial improves memory and enhances brain learning abilities immensely. It becomes possible because our learning materials are beautiful, learners’ friendly and easily understandable. They are designed for active learning because they make our students think actively, make correct sentences and speak by themselves getting automatic speaking skills in such a way.

Our main audiovisual learning tools are:
1. Short grammar section:gram chart - Easy English - Myth or Reality?Students look, listen, learn about the sentence structure and how to use one or another grammar construction.
2. Grammar lingvocard:

gr lc - Easy English - Myth or Reality?

Students look, see a sentence structure, listen and repeat after a teacher.
3. Color schemes:
col sch 1 - Easy English - Myth or Reality?Students look, listen and repeat. Then, students see empty color schemes, think and try to make sentences replacing colors with words.
col sch empty - Easy English - Myth or Reality?Then they practice making and pronounce each sentence:
listen 1 - Easy English - Myth or Reality?listen 2 - Easy English - Myth or Reality?
speak - Easy English - Myth or Reality?
4. Talking lingvocard:

talk lc 1 - Easy English - Myth or Reality?

  1. No, I haven’t been invited to a party this week.
  2. No, we haven’t been invited to a party this week.
  3. She has never been kissed by an alien.
  4. He has never been kissed by an alien.
  5. Have you ever been bitten by a dog?

Students look at the pictures, at personal pronouns and at situations, think by themselves, make and pronounce sentences by themselves  getting automatic speaking skills in such a way. Working with talking lingvocards improves memory and enhances brain learning abilities. Beautiful English learning materials offer much higher level of learning than that of all the other existing learning programs. Consequently, the effectiveness of working with the Beautiful English learning program is much higher than with all the other existing learning programs. Our students also do many other speaking and writing exercises that enable them to practice and to get all the necessary language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Thus, the Beautiful English learning system is the only active learning program working with which our students actively think by themselves, do specially designed exercises and get all the necessary language skills. And they get them automatically and without learning anything because they learn by doing.



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