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Learn English Grammar Tenses Passive Voice

Before to learn English grammar tenses passive voice with our best grammar tutorial, you should know that many English learners even among those who can speak fluently very often have difficulties in using grammar tenses. Only few English learners know about passive voice. Just a few of them can make correct sentences with the passive voice. English people use passive voice very often. They don’t say, for example, “My mother bore me in 1990” (active voice). Instead, they say: “I was born in 1990” (passive voice). We also don’t say: “Builders built this beautiful city 5 years ago.” Instead, we say: “This beautiful city was built 5 years ago.” Very often, it is not necessary to mention a person or people who do something in a sentence. In this case, we should use English grammar tenses passive voice.

Best English Grammar Tutorial

The learning system Beautiful English is the Best English Grammar Tutorial to learn English Grammar Tenses Passive Voice. It shows grammar constructions in rainbow colors and in pictures that enables English learners to understand even without translation. It is important because modern methods of learning English ban translation and offer to learn grammar inductively. Learning English like that is almost impossible. That is why to learn English with our Online English Grammar Tutorial is the only way to learn how to build correct English sentences in the passive voice. Moreover, our Spoken English Classes in Thailand contain specially designed exercises to develop and improve speaking skills. Many people in the world want to speak English. But not many of them can do it successfully. The reason is that modern school English programs are too books oriented. Very often, students have too many books. That is why they don’t have enough time to learn English properly. Our English learning system Beautiful English gives students the possibility to learn English successfully and have enough practice to develop all the language skills.

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