English Grammar. Lesson 4. English Negative Sentences

When you learn English online you don't need a teacher. With the learning system Beautiful English you can start to learn English online from zero and go up to any level you want. In this lesson we will learn how to make English negative sentences. It is very easy. We will use "no" and "not" to do that. Sometimes you can see somebody and you can think he is a teacher. But when you ask him: Are you a teacher? You will hear the answer:

English negative sentences

As you can see, the negation "not" is placed after the auxiliary verb. When you compose English negative sentences you must always remember about that. Perhaps you don't understand the difference between "no" and "not". "No" is a full negation. For example:

There is no table in the room. 

English negative sentences

"Not" is a partial negation. It is used when there is something, but it has different name or different qualities or size. For example:

It is not a table. It is a bed.

 English negative sentences

You should also remember that you must start a negative sentence with "No."

Is it a table? No, it is not a table. It is a bed.

In a spoken English short forms of negations can be used:

is not = isn't, are not = aren't.

He isn't a boy. He is a man.

They aren't doctors. They are teachers.

We are sure that this lesson will help you to make English negative sentences. And we hope you can make an easy and fast progress when you learn English online. Now you can start practicing in composing English negative sentences. Look at the linvocard, follow the arrows and you will understand how to do it. 

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